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The Main Gate at Vandenberg Air Force Base California

For those of you that came of age here, hopefully, you can rekindle some of those memories from the "Good 'ol days". Our generation of Brats has had a profound impact on the World Event scene. We have seen history, we have lived history and in some cases, have made history.

For the uninitiated, our prime-time was the 1960's. The 1960's was a decade of extremes and was especially, fast paced. We experienced political assassinations, political upheavals, political intrigue, Hippies, The Summer of Love, Flower Children, Hair, Theists, Atheists, Marijuana, LSD and a War that nearly did us in as a nation and still has a great impact on the world today some thirty plus years later.

You can now set this page as your "HOMEPAGE". Keep up to date with Brat Functions, World News... and much more.

In case you have forgotten what it was all about...

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Added new photos from Jackie Fitzgibbons Under Hitching-Post.

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