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If you're reading this you probably don't have anything better to do... so if you stick around long enough to read these ramblings you may get more bored than you already are!

The other day I was listening to the politco-jabber from some wacko Congressman on the TV trying to extol the virtues of congresses attempt at coming up with a solution to our current economic problems including the ever rising price of gasoline, with this bold statement... " we need to develop a plan to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil!" And then there's our good ole buddy ex-senator Phil Gramm with something like this ... everyone is just being a bunch of cry babies!

Well you have to figure that somewhere in between is probably where we are in reality. I think the main problem is that Congress, in all their infinite wisdom, cannot figure out how to pull there collective heads out of Rectal Defilade! Not to push the Republican agenda but you have to admit that when the Red guys were in power we were fairly much rock'n & rollin along pretty damn good. Then it took the Blue guys a year or so to get us  back to normal operating speed for Congress and the rest of us are left out in the cold!

Here's another solution... let's listen to what T. Boone (T. Boone Pickens for the uninitiated), has to say and we start investing wisely! Let us as citizens put our money where our mouths are. Then get the EPA to get off their dead-butts and give incentives to build more refineries and building the infrastructure for more of the renewable resources to be distributed. Our problems with oil right now and for the foreseeable future is not with the supply of oil or estimated reserves... it's with the refinery capacity. But while we're at it let's go ahead and build up Wind Power, Geo-Thermal Power, build more Electric and Hydrogen powered vehicles and insure that those vehicles can be serviced around the country as well as we can service our current internal combustion cars now.

You need to stay tuned now since you started reading this... I think we all need to figure out what time it is. I think it's time we took a lesson from our forefathers...  time for another party! This time it probably needs to be a "Texas Tea Party." This time instead of throwing boxes of tea overboard let's throw some Executives and Speculators overboard!

So, now you know what I'm thinking and that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Lead, Follow, or Get the Hell out of the Way!




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