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Lompoc Reunions Texas Reunions Las Vegas Reunions

Grumpy Old Brats

Tex Gilbert, Ricky Ragland, Jerry House, Duncan Loughridge

2005 Reunion

A Turkey!

La Purisma

Ketrenia confessing to Fr. Mel

All 60's Reunion 2005

Sunday BBQ

All 60's Reunion 2005

Sunday BBQ; Ketrenia, Kennon, Marlene, Eileen, Chris, Wendy, Bernadine, Bernadine's date

Sunday BBQ

Harry Wells, Carolyn Spears and others

More Sunday BBQ

L-R Maggie, Bonnie, JoLea

Shopping at Solvang

Super at AJ's Spurs

L-R; Jim, Ketrenia, Bonnie, Linda, Sharon, JoLea, Laurel's sister, Laurel, Maggie, Sandie, Larry, Kennon

AJ's Spurs

All 60's Reunion 2005

Bonnie, Carol, Sharon, JoLea

All 60's Reunion 2005

Class of '67 reunion

Class of 1966

Checking out a '65 yearbook

Kennon, Sandie, Gary

Kennon, Sandie, Gary, Mel, Larry

Brats at the Luxor

Sandie Temple Hubbard amd someone else

Gary Taylor & Mel Moffitt

Judi Olmstead & Gary Taylor

David, Patty & Tommy Trudeau

Rex Dowtin

Ricky Ragland & Ivan Cordero

Sharon & Candy

Mary Beth, Bettiann, Wanda-1999



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