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About Us

For years, when we were younger, people referred to us as military brats or Air Force brats, keyword being "brats"... So, now we refer to ourselves as Brats (with a capital "B"). This collection of memorabilia is directed at those of us that populated Vandenberg Air Force Base near Lompoc California during the early "Cold War" (1950's & 1960's) years.

The Base was renamed from Camp Cook, a WWII training camp for the US Army. In 1957 the base was reactivated and redesignated as Vandenberg AFB. This was in honor of General Hoyt Vandenberg.

Most of the people represented here lived on the base and attended Vandenberg Jr. High School during the early days. We managed to survive through the Cold War years, The Cuban Missile crisis, The Summer of Love and Vietnam. We watched history being made on many occasions. We witnessed the progression of the Ballistic Missile Program... starting with the Thor to the Atlas to Titan and to Minute Man. We're sure that the Brats that live there now are watching something else evolve and are wondering what the old rusting hulks that were left behind by our fathers and mothers are.

As Brats, we were constantly moving around the world, we had to make friends quickly and had to leave those friends just as quick. This site is a small attempt to reunite those that lived on the base during those early decades... the 50's, 60's & 70's. We do know that we are still spread all over the globe! There are many stories left to be told... and this website is the start of some of those stories.

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