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Ginger & Rex

Loud Band!

Rex-Stephanie-Mel- Kennon

One of these people was REALLY Happy!

Rocky, JoLea, Maggie

Sandra & Larry

Harry Wells, Pat Christman & Unknown

Stephanie, Maren?, Pat

Brats at Debbies Old House

The home that the Cushman family occupied. Front to Rear & Left to Right:Jack (Beach) Rome, Diane (David) Rome, Danny Grindell. Stephanie (Swap) Darrow, Maria (Cordero) Ledane, Rocky Uhrhammer, Bruce Day

Don't ask!

George Philips & better half Deb.

The Theater

Home to many a make-out session!

The First Supper

Clockwise; Ketrina (Crass) Hall, Jim Hall (hidden), Joe Fish, Mrs Joe Fish, unknown, Linda Terebessy, Sharon (Carter) Taylor, Wendy Willcox

L-R; Ed Gose, Andy (Moose) Steinmeyer, Mel Moffitt

Kennon Moffitt, Cheryl Wormington, JoLea (Bowles) Carroll

Joe & JoLea on the Dance floor at the Vet

Ivan & Pam Cordero

Maren, Bernadine (Howska) Swick, Wendy Willcox

Nancy (Newsome) Henderson, Joe Fish & Chad Henderson

First Trip Back to the Old Homestead!

Debbie's House

L-R; Stephanie (Swap) Darrow, Maria (Cordero) LeDane, Debbie (Cushman) Held, Rocky Uhrhammer, Bruce Day.

Bob Wall

Carole Revard & Michael Bouman

Gary Oman, Don Riggs

Ginger Bordley, Ron Driesbach, Rex Dowtin & Carol Spear

Helen Sheehan, Norma ?, Barbara Wink

Mel & Ricky

Rex Dowtin & Carole Revard

Ruben & Ricky

Sandi & Somebody!


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